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Hato and a dog walk around in a strange town.

Renegade Craft Fair This Weekend

Renegade Craft Fair is approaching this weekend.  

Because of my health condition, I could not make as much as I wanted to, but did what I can do.

I added  a new design to my collection of tile coasters:

I stocked up my regular stamp collections.

After carving each stamp, I make test prints.  If I like the test prints, I will dry both stamp and paper by the sunny side of window.

I need to upgrade my handmade tool bag.  I like the fabric but the height is a little short.

I started to add digital stamps on my Etsy store.  Please visit my shop when you have time.

Oval Frame

This is the first time I tried to frame my work in an oval frame.  I like it.

Excited to Join Renegade 2012

I will have a booth, show my new work, and sell things at Renegade 2012.  I am very excited about it.

I hope to see you there!


It was refreshing to start on my new work this morning.  

This is part of the rough sketch:

It will be a medium sized multiple colored woodblock.  I don’t know how long it will take to finish it as I have to decide the colors, transfer the image onto woods, carve and print.  Probably it will take about a month or two.  I am very excited, though.