Ayu's Tiny Art Factory

Printing Linoleum Stamp with an High Pigmented Ink Pad

July 27th

This week I carved lots of custom stamps.

seven of this (my client’s design):

a stamp for a newly wed:

a cat in a costume:

a very happy dog:

Lastly a logo stamp (my client’s design):

More stamps will come next week.

Excited to Join Renegade 2012

I will have a booth, show my new work, and sell things at Renegade 2012.  I am very excited about it.

I hope to see you there!


Whether I know their names or not, there are cute animals all over in the world.  I love looking at their images.  I don’t desire to catch them and raise them.  I believe it must be too hard to maintain their well being, just like those rabbits from my childhood.  They are just very cute to look at.  Otter is one of them.  Thus I had fun working on this stamp.

Busy Monday

My Monday turned out to be busier than my last several Mondays.  I carved my first sloth stamp, and took several orders of custom stamps.  

Honestly I did not know the word “sloth” until today.  I ‘ve known the name of the animal in Japanese is namakemono, and sometimes wondered what it’s called in English.  Now I’m wondering why it’s called “sloth”.  Where did the name come from?  Does the name sound any funnier to English speaking people as Namakemono does to Japanese?  I mean, “namakemono” means “lazy dude” in Japanese, then what about “sloth”??

P.S. For people who has responded to my post, thank you very much for answering my question.  So “Sloth” means somewhat “lazy” both in English and Japanese?  How intriguing…