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Hato and a dog walk around in a strange town.

I will be showing my recent works at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.  Today I made these plush pillows to sell at the Fair.  

Renegade Craft Fair This Weekend

Renegade Craft Fair is approaching this weekend.  

Because of my health condition, I could not make as much as I wanted to, but did what I can do.

I added  a new design to my collection of tile coasters:

I stocked up my regular stamp collections.

After carving each stamp, I make test prints.  If I like the test prints, I will dry both stamp and paper by the sunny side of window.

I need to upgrade my handmade tool bag.  I like the fabric but the height is a little short.

I started to add digital stamps on my Etsy store.  Please visit my shop when you have time.

Almost the End of the Year

Recent custom stamps:

Recent additions to my Etsy shop:

New tile Coasters:

My new woodcut print:

Linoleum stamped bag (new!):

I will attend Renegade Craft Fair in two weeks:

July 27th

This week I carved lots of custom stamps.

seven of this (my client’s design):

a stamp for a newly wed:

a cat in a costume:

a very happy dog:

Lastly a logo stamp (my client’s design):

More stamps will come next week.

July 18th

Today started out with making a custom stamp, 

…stamped polka dots on bunch of greeting cards,

…stamped my newly carved linoleum blocks onto many t-shirts, prepared nine tile coasters, and printed the first color for my old woodblock prints.

It was a great full working day, yeah!!

Oval Frame

This is the first time I tried to frame my work in an oval frame.  I like it.

Excited to Join Renegade 2012

I will have a booth, show my new work, and sell things at Renegade 2012.  I am very excited about it.

I hope to see you there!

Such an Honor

It was such an honor to receive the Editor’s Choice at Maker Faire.

Thank you so much to my husband and our warm hearted friends that helped set up the booth and for your help throughout the show. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. It was such an great experience!


It was refreshing to start on my new work this morning.  

This is part of the rough sketch:

It will be a medium sized multiple colored woodblock.  I don’t know how long it will take to finish it as I have to decide the colors, transfer the image onto woods, carve and print.  Probably it will take about a month or two.  I am very excited, though.